Placing an Order

Please contact and we’ll be happy to help answer any additional questions. If you already have an account manager, please feel free to reach out to them directly. 

If you’re ready to order please either contact your account manager or click here to complete a quote request.

IKAWA Pro Series Roasters are assembled by the team in our London workshop and are available for dispatch within 2 days of payment confirmation. Sometimes faster! 

Please note, lead times in distributor regions may vary.

We’ll be very happy to give you a guided tour of the roaster, simply request a video demonstration at your convenience. 

Please note, when you purchase any IKAWA Pro Series Roaster, it comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee – so if for any reason you decide the roaster isn’t what you’re looking for, or doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return the roaster to us, and we will refund your purchase. This is effectively a 30-day trial. Fair warning: to date, nobody has decided to return the roaster!

No matter the business, there is an IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster that fits. 

The IKAWA Pro Series come in a range of capacities and voltages to suit the needs of your business. You can read more about this in the FAQs below. For more in depth information about the roasters please click here.

Yes. When you trade in your current roaster, you will receive £1000 credit towards the purchase of a new IKAWA Pro Series Roaster.

Put simply, IKAWA Home roasters are not suitable for business use.. IKAWA At Home is for fun home roasting. It’s great for that, it’s designed for that, but is not suitable for commercial use. 

IKAWA Pro Series Roasters are designed to make consistent sample roasting easy. They improve quality, save time, and encourage collaboration and learning through profile sharing. If you’d like to find out more, and help deciding which IKAWA is right for your business, please contact

The Roaster

IKAWA Pro Series Roasters are available in two capacities; Pro50 (40-60g) and Pro100 50-120g.

IKAWA Pro Series Roasters are available in 100V, 110 – 120V and 230 – 240V.

All IKAWA Pro Series Roasters are calibrated to be consistent wherever you’re based. If you’re planning to travel to other regions with your IKAWA, check out our travel guide for more information click here.

You will need either an iOS or Android mobile or tablet device to install the IKAWA Pro App. 

IKAWA Pro Series Roasters emit very little smoke when roasting and do not require installation of extraction facilities. However if you’re roasting repetitively, or have a very sensitive fire alarm, we recommend placing your roaster near an open window (or two) in a well ventilated room.

During roasting, the chaff is blown across and contained in the collection jar. At the end of the roast, empty the chaff before expelling your coffee.

No more than a few moments. All IKAWA Pro Series Roasters will arrive ready to ‘Plug and Play’ – simply connect your roaster to the power, connect your device and you’re ready to go. For more information visit the Pro App Guide.

Yes. We have guidance for how to clean the roaster which you can read here. Additionally, IKAWA offers services to our customers, to find out more or  make a booking please contact

All IKAWA Pro Series Roasters are designed and built in London, UK. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to pop in for a brew.

Yes! The bespoke peli case enables you to take your Roaster on your coffee adventures around the world. For more information on travel click here.

The IKAWA Pro App

Yes – you can download the App whenever you like, even before your roaster arrives.

The App is available to download from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

The IKAWA Pro App is super intuitive and easy to use. If you’re looking for something specific, we’ve written a comprehensive guide to using your app here.

We recommend using an IKAWA Pro Account. Doing so allows you to benefit from the powerful new features that mean you’ll never lose your data: Backup all of your roast data; roast profiles and roast logs, and sync them across any device you log in to.

Yes, to share a profile tap the white and grey arrow icon in the bottom right hand corner of the roast screen. From here you can share the profile via email, sms, WhatsApp and other similar platforms.

Technical + Roasting Questions

From the IKAWA Pro App, tap the ‘hamburger menu’ to reveal the side menu, then tap ‘Online Library’.  From here you’re able to explore a range of profiles available to use on your roaster.

You can create your own roast profiles by editing existing ones, to make them just how you’d like. Edit your profiles in graph or table format – Click here for more information of editing and creating profiles.

You have complete control over how long the sample roast will be, up to a maximum of 20 minutes. Many users will develop their own sample roasts in order to achieve their desired outcomes, with a typical range of 5 to 10 minutes including the roast itself and cooling time.

The integration facilitates communication between the IKAWA App and the Cropster web platform You can read the guide here.

As with any sample roaster, scaling up your roast profiles isn’t an exact science. This said, there are a few great places to start. Firstly, taking advantage of the many sensors in IKAWA Pro Series Roasters, the IKAWA Pro App captures a great deal of data

Using the Roast Log, you’re able to access Inlet and Exhaust temperature curves, mark colour change, view time and temperature of first crack, development time, DTR and rate of rise curves – all of which can help translate your experiences.

This information, combined with your sensory skills and knowledge of your production roaster are super valuable.

Warranty, IKAWA Care + Service

Absolutely! IKAWA Pro Series Roasters are built to be reliable and perform thousands of roasts. Designed and built at our London HQ – each roaster and it’s components are thoroughly QCd before shipment.

All IKAWA Pro Series Roasters are shipped with a 12 month warranty, which commences from date of receipt. If any defect arises due to faulty material or faulty workmanship, faulty products must be returned to IKAWA for repair or replacement.

In the unlikely event that parts or manufacturers faults occur, please contact us by sending an email to (Please include the serial number of the Roaster you wish to raise the warranty claim for).

Extend your warranty to 2 years covering all parts, labour and shipping costs plus 50% discount on unlimited repairs from accidental damage and Full Services within 2 years.

Please ask your account manager for an IKAWA Care quote when purchasing your Roaster.

We will arrange for shipping to and from our service centre. Once your roaster arrives, we will replace or upgrade to the newest specification of select components and accessories; including heating element assembly, all degrading seals, power cable and more.

Whilst your roaster is at our service centre, we’ll also fully disassemble, clean and QC test your roaster before recalibration for optimal roasting. All Full Services come with an additional 12 month warranty on parts and labour.