Reveal the true taste of your coffee so you can profile

  • Profile: Discover flavours and scale up
  • Purchase: Choose the best green coffee
  • Learn: Roast and cup like a pro
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IKAWA’s advanced technology makes sample roasting quick, easy and consistent


Plug'n'Play: From Peli case to roasted samples in less than 10 mins

Spend time cupping, not roasting

Pre-made Roast Profiles: Download one for every coffee growing country and process

No roasting experience needed

Calibrated in our factory: Every roaster passes colour score tests so that your roasts are reproducible

Taste the difference in the coffee, not the roaster

How to roast with IKAWA:

  1. Select a profile
  2. Load green beans and press start
  3. Enjoy your roasted coffee

Elevate your business

  • Planning a Roastery
  • Small Roasteries
  • Roasteries
  • Farmers
  • Traders

Get a jump on learning, profiling, and buying

Before your production roaster is even ordered, you can use the IKAWA to begin learning about flavour, roasting, and cupping. And begin to purchase your first coffees.

Enrol in an online live SCA Foundation Class from CoffeeMind that uses IKAWA to get a jump on learning to roast.

A time and money saving roastery companion

We've seen small roastery employees doing everything from order intake, production scheduling, roasting, packing, and more.

To keep quality up, ensure you’re buying the best coffees, you need to spend a lot of time cupping, and often that’s hard.

IKAWA’s are perfect because they’re essentially hands-free, and save time, allowing you to easily add sample roasting into a busy day, alongside emails, production roasting, and more.

Click here to learn more about why IKAWA’s make a great fit in a roastery.

Consistency throughout the team

Whether it’s you or a teammate roasting the latest samples, you can ensure you’re getting the same roasting results and have confidence at the cupping table.

Our customers love the automation IKAWA provides to bring maximum consistency between batches, and people. It gives them more flexibility in sharing the sample roasting, and more confidence when it comes time to cup.

No previous roasting experience needed

Unlock insights about your coffee from cupping, and calibrate with buyers around the world using our sharable roast profiles.

We continue to hear how valuable the IKAWA is during harvest, both to visiting buyers at the farm, and to the farm.

Roast samples immediately, anywhere

In your offices or on the road, you can turn on an IKAWA and have a roasted sample in less than 10 minutes.

Our customers love that they can receive a last minute sample and it’s not issue to include it in the cupping.

Additionally, creating and sharing IKAWA roast profiles for your coffee samples will help your roaster customers get the best out of their cuppings, and let them find the perfect coffee for them.

New sensor. New data. New insight.

New Sensor

The humidity sensor detects the moisture released by the beans at all stages of the roast

New Data

Track variations in the quantity, rate and timing of moisture released during roasting

New Insight

Three new app features help you understand your roast, so you can bring your customers the best coffee

New Sensor

The humidity sensor detects the moisture released by the beans at all stages of the roast

New Data

Track variations in the quantity, rate and timing of moisture released during roasting

New Insight

Three new app features help you understand your roast, so you can bring your customers the best coffee


Great for green buying

Get through more samples than ever before and never miss first crack in a noisy roastery. Ensure more objective results from whoever is using the roaster.


Great for flavour profiling

Automatically triggers your preferred Development Time or Ratio from using Auto-Detect 1st Crack. So you can control flavours more accurately.


Great for production scale up

Get a visual template for when to apply heat in production roasts, for example to avoid crashing the roast - so you don’t waste green beans in test roasts.

Discover how Square Mile has halved the number of test batches since starting with Pro100x

"Gives us actual feedback on what's happening to the beans"

"Gives us actual feedback on what's happening to the beans"

Tom Flawith

Head of Operations

Square Mile Coffee

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Free IKAWA IOS and Android app

Free iOS & Android app

Available on for Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android
(Mac requires Apple Silicon)

IKAWA Pro App: simple tools to unlock your roasting experience

Simple Interface

Stay focused on the data while roasting with our clear interface.

Profile Editing

Make changes before and during your roast with 20 control points for temperature and airflow

Roast Profile Library

Access 100’s of roast profiles from coffee professionals across the globe.

Use cases of the IKAWA sample roaster

  • Learn to Roast and Cup
  • Production Scale Up
  • Flavour Exploration
  • Green Buying and Evaluation
  • Coffee Competitions
  • Small Batch Roasting

The perfect tool for exploring coffee

Whether it’s our Online Roast Profile Library or a live Online SCA Roasting Foundation course, IKAWA connects you to professional resources easily. Use the simple graph editor to explore how flavour changes with edits to the roast profile, or quickly roast a group of samples from the same country with the same profile to see how each lot offers different flavours.

(Course here from CoffeeMind)

Get a jump on your production profiling

You can learn a lot about a coffee with a few roasts on the IKAWA. Does it prefer a quick roast, or a longer roast? Lighter, or darker? If you have the Pro100x you can even get a graph to see where and how quickly the moisture is released from the coffee.

If your first few batches of a new coffee are not representing your company or coffee well enough, try a few batches in the IKAWA first.

Learn more about translating a roast to production here.

Discover the best in each coffee

Don’t wait until your last few production roasts to find the best flavours in your coffee. After a new coffee arrives in the roastery, use the IKAWA to run a few quick roasts that explore varying lengths of roast, shapes, or end temperatures, and get a target flavour profile for production before your first test batch.

Buy the best coffees for you

Take full control of which coffees you purchase, and cup with confidence. The IKAWA was designed for green coffee evaluation and purchasing, and has industry-leading calibration to ensure each roast is the same as the last. It lets you cup and score with confidence.

Read more about sample roasting for purchasing here.

Maximise rare and interesting coffees

IKAWA’s have been helping coffee champions win competitions since 2015. They are a perfect tool to roast rare and expensive coffees in small batches. The industry-leading consistency roast to roast also let’s your roast different batches exactly the same, giving you flexibility in training and when travelling to the competition itself.

Read our blog post here to learn more about why IKAWAs are perfect for competitions.

Need a really small production roaster?

Some situations call for it - such as businesses that want to offer really expensive and rare coffees in small batches. The IKAWAs small footprint and easy of use means adding this in as a small batch roaster is quick and effective.

Get the right roaster for you

Pro50 & Pro100

Our 50 & 100g workhorse.

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3 - 5 cups per roast

Durable all-metal construction

Free iOS and Android Pro App

Industry-leading +/-3 colour point calibration

Custom Peli Travel Case


Our most advanced roaster

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5 cups per roast

Durable all-metal construction

Free iOS and Android Pro App

Industry-leading +/-3 colour point calibration

Custom Peli Travel Case

Exclusive to Pro100x

Auto detect first crack

Moisture release graph

Full spectrum LED roast light

Target development mode

Unparalleled service

1 Year warranty

Roast in confidence.


Extend your cover.

30 day money back guarantee

Undecided? No problem.

International delivery

We ship everywhere.

Start roasting with IKAWA

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  • Only on Pro100x
  • Patented Design
  • Solid Construction
  • Quality Control
  • Accurate Evaluation

Humidity Sensor

Capture data on the humidity released during roasting. Key information on the mechanics of roasting is now available

Target Development Mode

Get repeatable Development Time or Development Time Ratio based on Auto-Detect 1st Crack

Auto-Detect 1st Crack

Accurate 1st crack signals from humidity are used instead of faint audio signals

Roast Chamber Light

Full-spectrum LED roast chamber light lets you see bean colour change with accuracy at any time of day or under varying artificial lights

Moisture Release Graph

Visualise the Exhaust Air Humidity and it’s Rate of Rise so you can understand bean behaviour

USB Charging Port

Keep your mobile device charged and never miss a roast

Global Patents

Innovative design and advanced tech ensures you can easily get consistent roast results

Chaff Separation

The efficient cyclone easily removes chaff to the collection jar during the roast

Faster Roasting

The “packed bed” design has a more efficient heat transfer than fluid bed roasting as the centrifugal force opposes the lifting of beans and keeps them within the the heated air

One Moving Part

Low-maintenance and reliability built in from the start. The only moving part is the fan.

Bean Blowover

IKAWAs patented cyclone technology creates a miniature storm to blow your roasted beans straight into the collection jar

Consistency Under Pressure

Sealed and pressurised body to ensure predictable airflow on all IKAWAs that leave the factory

Built to Last

Durable all-metal construction with no plastic parts

From here to anywhere

Travel anywhere with your IKAWA using the included Custom Peli Travel Case

Nothing Left To Chance

In-house design, development, and assembly allows us to continually improve the design and build

Magnetic Lid

Removable lid makes it easy to clean the roast chamber using the special kit supplied with every roaster

Checked and Checked Again

45 point factory inspection alongside our industry-leading calibration

Industry-leading Calibration

Industry-leading +/- 3 points Lighttells roast calibration - so you can share roasts across roasters and get the same results

No Tryer

Sealed and controlled airflow provides maximum repeatability, and ensure you get the results you expect.

Elite Sensor

Thin-film platinum and ceramic temperature sensor will drift less over time than equivalent sheathed probes

Start roasting with IKAWA

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