01 Sep 2021


This blog explores 6 reasons why the IKAWA Pro Series of professional sample roasters is exactly what you need… The Pro50 is the latest version of our 50g capacity sample roaster that now joins the Pro100, alongside our revolutionary App, to create the IKAWA Pro Series.


Achieve incredible roast quality at the touch of a button.

Pro50 or Pro100 – from the moment your IKAWA Pro arrives you can begin your IKAWA roasting journey. Whether you’re an experienced roaster or this is your very first small-batch roasting experience, our intuitive app paired with state of the art technology will immediately elevate your roasting experience. 

Straight out of the peli, whatever your roast preference and whatever your experience – get roasting in under a minute. Literally. Take out the roaster and power cable – plug into your most convenient power outlet and you’re ready to roast. It is that simple. No complex gas engineering, no big decisions. Just plug and play – where the real emphasis is on play.

There is no guesswork:

Create and repeat world leading roasts with digital accuracy

Create and repeat world leading roasts with digital accuracy

A key strength of the IKAWA sample roaster is its ability to repeat a roast, over and over again, whilst maintaining the detail of your chosen profile. You can save a profile, experiment, cup, and then confidently evaluate your roasts. You can be safe in the knowledge that any differences are in the coffee, not in your roast.  Removing the guesswork from your evaluation that can be found with traditional sample roasters.

Not sure where to start with a new coffee? Check out the Online Roast Profile Library packed with IKAWA approved roasts from around the coffee belt. Sort by origin, varietal and roast preference to help streamline your sample roasting experience.

They’re Hands-Free:

Save time and money with automated roasting

No matter the size of your setup, every coffee business has experienced the challenge of prioritising tough deadlines – whilst also finding the time to sample the next best coffee to elevate your consumer offerings

Traditional sample roasting is a wonderfully tactile experience that relies on your complete concentration and dedication in time to make sure you deliver a consistent result. We call this hands-on roasting.

The challenge is time. The solution, the IKAWA Pro Series. 

Save time and money with automated roasting

At the tap of a screen and a touch of a button you can start roasting, safe in the knowledge that whilst you tackle the rest of your to-do list – the IKAWA will take care of your roast and let you know when it’s finished and ready to go again. Depending on your preferred roasts styles, the IKAWA can roast back-to-back all day with super-fast preheat in between.

Review your past roasts at your leisure, simply tap ‘save’ to your roast log and then go again. If you’re using the same profile back to back – and time really is of the essence – you don’t even need to connect your device. The IKAWA will roast using the same profile again and again until you change it via the app.

They’re Travel Ready:

Set up shop, anywhere you go, in a matter of seconds.

Travel Ready

All IKAWA Professional roasters come packed and ready to go! From remote high-altitude QC labs at origin to metropolitan city centre trader offices – the IKAWA allows you to hit the ground running with everything you need in the custom peli case. Apart from the green coffee of course. 

Some of the IKAWA’s most frequent trips are from one side of the roastery or office to the other. It seems like a small win, but being flexible to move around an office is a little praised benefit! So, it’s not all international escapades for this roaster – but perhaps 6 feet to be a little nearer to the window at the height of summer could be the sample roasting revelation you’ve been waiting for.

This said, we should emphasise the travel readiness of the IKAWA Pro Series. Especially as the IKAWA Pro Series custom peli case has been designed specifically with travel in mind. It fits comfortably in most overhead compartments as carry-on luggage, or check it into the hold when you’re flying. It also fits very comfortably on trains, ferries, cars, mopeds, e-scooters and allegedly skateboards. Other modes of transport available.

They’re Reliable:

Roast, roast and roast again (maybe just once more to double-triple check on filter).
Produce 60+ precision roasts a day. Year in, year out.

Since the launch of our beloved IKAWA Pro V3 in May 2019, our customers around the world have roasted over 2 million samples – that’s potentially over 100,000kg, equivalent to almost 6 million espresso shots. Check out this blog post about how the IKAWA was used to roast for espresso in competition

But why so many roasts? The IKAWAs ease of use paired with unbeatable consistency means sample roasting and profiling has never been easier.. Whether you’re preparing 2 or 3 different roasts of the same coffee for a micro-lot at your roastery or 75 offers for a new season cupping at your green trading HQ – IKAWAs can flex dependably to meet your needs. In other words, everything you need to make confident buying decisions can be found right here with an IKAWA Pro Series sample roaster.

They're reliable


Get connected to our Roast Library and your new coffee community.

The IKAWA Pro app allows you to share a profile with your business partners, colleagues, and friends wherever they are in the world. The benefit of everyone using the same roast profile with an IKAWA sample roaster is huge. You can host a cupping with the same lot in multiple locations with confidence, safe in the knowledge that their sensory experiences will be fundamentally comparable to one another.

Profile sharing is something we have championed for a number of years – supported through events like Best of Panama, Taste of Harvest and Nordic Roasters forum. We have a mission to improve coffee. Suggesting an initial roast curve as a fantastic way to get started and begin the process of really unpacking a coffee to discover all it has to offer.

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