The IKAWA Pro Series

No matter the business, there is an IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster that fits.

The IKAWA Pro Series includes the Pro50 and Pro100; two models of our latest generation of sample roaster that give you the capability to elevate your sample roasting.

Available in two different batch sizes, you will soon begin to benefit from its simplicity, consistency, repeatability, portability, connectivity and reliability.

Everything you need to make confident buying decisions and take your business to the next level.

Day in + Day out

Trusted Partner

Capable of 60+ precision roasts per day, back to back—our roasters are designed to be a trusted partner that you can depend on year after year. That’s why the IKAWA Pro quickly becomes the most valuable tool on your bench, whether it’s in a high-production roastery or consistently winning roasts for barista competitions around the world.



No matter your experience level, our simple app-control provides incredible results at the touch of a button. So whether you’re recreating a roast from our sample library or creating your very own, the IKAWA Pro App puts a world of effortless precision at your fingertips.

All work. No sweat.


Push the button and walk away. IKAWA’s digital precision runs every roast cycle hands-free, from warm-up to cool down. Separate the labour from the expertise and have your team do your sample roasting—freeing you up until cupping time.

Get connected.


Access our in-app roast library to harness tried and true roast profiles from professionals around the world. Or use the IKAWA Pro App to create your very own. Either way, its shareability connects you with your roasting community and quickly lets you scale up production.

Copy and taste.

No Guesswork

From temperature to fan speed, the IKAWA Pro App gives you full digital control over every aspect of the roasting cycle. Designed for repeatability and consistency, it helps you build reliable profiles so you can trust what’s in the cup.

Portable perfection.


As mighty as it is small, every IKAWA Pro arrives with a heavy-duty travel-ready case, so you can take it anywhere from distant origin, to a competition, or simply to your home on the weekend. Set up shop in a matter of seconds to create the perfect roast anywhere you go.

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