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IKAWA For Professionals began as a start-up in London in 2010. We had an idea to create a coffee roaster that could produce consistent and repeatable roasts so anybody could sample coffee.

In 2012, the original IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster debuted at the SCA World of Coffee. From that moment onwards, versions of that original roaster have been sold to 74 countries around the world, helping coffee professionals roast over 2 million samples, save time, and connect with each other no matter where they are based.

Improving Coffee,
Farm to Cup

Our Sample Roasters enable consistent, repeatable roasting by using digital precision. They improve quality, save you time, and encourage collaboration through profile sharing.

The Pro Series is part of our larger vision to connect the coffee world and make roasting more accessible by increasing knowledge and understanding within the industry.

All this to say, we want to improve coffee, farm to cup.

Global Competitions

IKAWA sample roasters have been used at many different coffee competitions.

Many competitors that have used IKAWA have seen the value in sharing information, and have let us share their successful roast profiles. It has created a foundation of roast profiles for the IKAWA Pro online roast library.

The Roasting Revolution

We know there are coffees that don’t get a fair evaluation because of a bad roast. We want to make sample evaluation fair, easy, and accessible for anyone, anywhere. IKAWA users worldwide are connecting and creating better sample evaluation everywhere. It’s a revolution.

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