IKAWA Pro App Guide

The IKAWA Pro App delivers hands-free roasting with digital precision & consistency. This step by step guide will help you to get set-up and create roasts to help you meet your goals. Click below to quickly navigate to a section:


Download the IKAWA Pro App from iTunes or Google Play Store.

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We recommend using an IKAWA Pro Account. Doing so allows you to benefit from the powerful new features that mean you’ll never lose your data: Backup all of your roast data; roast profiles and roast logs, and sync them across any device you log in to.



Follow these steps to quickly get up and running:

  1. Ensure bluetooth is enabled on your device and the roaster is switched on. 
  2. Open the IKAWA Pro App on your device and tap ‘Roaster’
  3. The app will then connect. Once you’ve done this, you’re able to send roast profiles and follow the roast’s progress.

Android users must ensure location services are “allowed all the time” in order to pair the roaster with an Android device.



The App allows you to control your roaster, and is filled with additional features to make things easier, provide more insights and capture more data.



Your Library contains some default roast profiles that we recommend, alternatively you could check out the Online Library for others. You can also create your own profiles by editing an existing profile. Once you’ve selected the profile you wish to use, send it to the roaster by clicking “send” in the bottom right hand corner.

Please ensure you have sent the desired profile to the roaster before initiating pre-heat.



Once you’re connected, send the desired profile to your roaster.

Press the button on roaster to start preheating, then twist the doser to drop the coffee into roast chamber when Ready to Roast.

The App status bar will take you through the phases of roasting with IKAWA (pictured left).

Did You Know?

The six digit code is the roaster’s serial number, particularly helpful if you have several roasters!

Did You Know?

The six digit code is the roaster’s serial number, particularly helpful if you have several roasters!

Throughout the roast you will see 3 lines: 

  • White – Fan
  • Yellow – Inlet Temperature 
  • Red – Exhaust Temperature 

Additionally you can toggle the view rate of rise, based on the Exhaust temperature

When roasting, you can mark events; colour change, first crack and second crack to the app. The development time (DT) and development time ratio (DTR) are both calculated automatically. Depending on your preference, tap the bubble to toggle between DTR and DT.

All of the information collected throughout your roast is pulled through to the roast log, which clearly labels and displays your data, whilst also allowing you to add notes or photographs



On an IKAWA you can create your own roast profiles by editing existing ones, to make them just how you’d like. You can also edit profiles in graph or table format. Key aspects to consider are: 

  • Shape of The Curve
  • Development Time 
  • End Temperature 
  • Fan Speed

Once you have tapped ‘edit’ you’ll be able to toggle between the table and graph screen, inlet or exhaust as well as rate of rise. In graph mode you can either amend existing points – increasing or decreasing time and temperature. To change the overall length of the roast, you must select the last point on the roast curve and move it along the X-axis. The same applies for fan speed and cooling time.

Whilst many users exclusively edit in graph, the table feature allows users to enter the exact time and number they want to achieve at every control point.

Did You Know?

You don’t need to drag the point itself, you have more control by moving the dotted X or Y axis.

Did You Know?

You don’t need to drag the point itself, you have more control by moving the dotted X or Y axis.

After editing hit save to create a new profile, or ‘overwrite’ to update your previous one. Don’t worry if you accidentally archive a roast, these can easily be restored by tapping the hamburger menu -> Archived Profiles -> find and restore your roast.



It’s a diary of all of the roasts you’ve ever completed with your account across all the IKAWA Sample Roasters you encounter allowing you to reliably store, review and compare sample roasting or evaluation history.  

Key Features Include:

  • Roast Profile
  • Date & Time of Roast
  • Roaster Used
  • % of Each Stage of Roast 
  • Coffee Name 
  • Key Roast Data
  • Review Roast Curve
  • Notes
  • Roast CSV File
  • Export to Cropster

You can update Coffee Name, Notes and Photos at any point, perhaps after you’ve made colour measurement, or had your cupping.

The information is saved chronologically, and you can search the roast log using any keyword.

In the Roast Log, you will notice a 3-digit code next to each roast. This is a searchable number, and allows you to randomise your cuppings. Rather than labelling your cuppings with sequential numbers, using a random 3-digit code helps reduce bias and allows for a fairer cupping table. (It also really helps us sync your account live over multiple devices!)

Finally, swiping left on a log will give you the option to delete the roast log, and all of its data – please note this is not recoverable.



The integration facilitates communication between the IKAWA App and the Cropster web platform csar.cropster.com. You can read the guide here.


In a major update of our App, by popular demand, we added the ability to ‘go wide’. Simply make sure your device preferences have screen rotation turned on, then rotate your device in roast graph mode.



Throughout the profile library, roast log, favourites and archive you are able to search for profiles using key words from the name of the profile.


Accessible through the hamburger menu, you can view and recover all of your discarded roast profiles, including overwritten versions of profiles – so if you find on reflection Colombia FW V3.0 is considerably better than Colombia FW V4.0 you can simply recover your favourite, and archive the other.


To easily access your most used, or favourite roast profiles, swipe right on any profile in your library and tap the heart to add the roast to your favourites. Whether you have 1, 2 or 10 favourites, these can be easily accessed in the favourites tab in the profile library.