It’s people that make a company. As we grow we’re always on the lookout for great people to join the team. See which roles we’re recruiting for here




Andrew grew up in coffee growing countries including Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Burundi.

Andrew is an engineer and industrial designer and developed the concept for IKAWA while studying Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art in London. He’s dedicated years of toil to making IKAWA a reality.

As the team has grown, his “Kaizen” approach to design and manufacturing has helped not only to build hundreds of coffee roasters, but to harness, build and refine the skills of the workshop team.


Managing Director


Ben joined as Managing Director in 2015 and has overseen a period of strong growth since then, seeing IKAWA move to our current workshop, and the team growing from 4 to 25.

In return, IKAWA has helped Ben to become more cultured in coffee and he now possesses a decent grinder, espresso machine and aeropress. And a Home Coffee Roaster.

He has previously worked in senior management in the travel industry and founded start-ups in architecture, sports travel and tech, and has a fantastic ability to get excited about the big picture and managing the delivery (we think he's also an informal Asana ambassador!).


Head of Marketing


Alex joined IKAWA to manage a short project – IKAWA’s Kickstarter Campaign for the IKAWA At Home system – but quickly realised the project really starts when the campaign finishes. He has enjoyed the ride of delivering our Home Coffee Roaster, as well as marketing the Sample Roaster and drinking some fantastic coffees along the way.

Before joining IKAWA, Alex worked for UK coffee brand Cafédirect and founded Espresso Mushroom Company, which he runs in his ‘spare time’. He was a finalist for IGD Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2014.


Head of Sales


Bradley joined IKAWA in 2015 to head up our Sales and Business Development team and has the perfect niche combining his love of coffee with application of start-up business theory, particularly anything Seth Godin.

He is a qualified UKBC judge and in charge of keeping the team in good coffee. His choice of brewing equipment in the office reflects the growth we’ve achieved – moving from a 3-cup to 6-cup Chemex, through a Technovorm Moccamaster, and we now have two Wilfa Svart a Linea Mini and selection of V60 and Kalita filters. He’s doing a good job!


Head of Operations


Jess has a Degree in Culinary Arts Management and has worked around the world in Media and Hospitality, including co-founding The Clocktower Café in London before joining IKAWA.

She's progressed from Office Manager to Head of Operations, and now does her best to make things run like clockwork!


Finance Manager


Maria brings years of experience working as an Accountant for companies in the private, public, and NGO sector. She was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to London in 2015. Maria loves traveling but loves coffee even more.

The love for coffee started from a young age with Maria as she was drinking coffee from 2 and a half years old because she didn’t like milk!


Production Manager


Like many of the most useful things in the IKAWA office, Fredy has come from Amazon.

Jokes aside, his experience working for Amazon and as an Operations Manager is a massive asset to our growing workshop team in its prime and will help us to build our manufacturing and operations capabilities, systems and processes.

While Fredy is new to the roasting side of coffee, he comes from a coffee region of Colombia and is already in training to win the next company Latte Art competition.


Office Manager


Ask Sophie about her hot sauce and/or fridge magnet collection, both of which are impressive.

Sophie has a degree in marketing and experience in restaurant management. She’s run the Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway, enjoys making latch hook rugs. To know what's on, what's cool, and where it's worth visit - ask Sophie.


Business Development and US Sales


Complex, with notes of umami and a zippy acidity; Miles joined IKAWA to open our US office in Los Angeles, and help the business create a foothold across the pond.

She brings a wealth of speciality coffee knowledge (note how we’re maintaining the second i in speciality), most recently working as Director of Education at Royal Coffee New York, and previously Production and Roasting Manager at Allegro, and Roaster at Blue Bottle.

We’re delighted she’s part of the team, and it’s a pure bonus that we’ll have to spend time in LA – we’ll also be making the most of sharing roast profiles and doing calibrated cross-Atlantic cuppings!


Account Manager


Before joining IKAWA, Danielle made coffee for the Queen (yes really - ask her about it!). Her time in the Royal Household was precluded with a life that would naturally lead her end up working with coffee.

Danielle has an Italian heritage and was born in Brazil. To add to her coffee-centric background, her husband Fabio is was a relatively early IKAWA Sample Roaster customer using it for Notes where he is a co-owner. In her spare time, Danielle is a lover of great food and a chocolate maker.


Account Manager


Matyas is a multilingual world traveller having lived and worked on 3 different continents.

He has spent time in Washington, DC, Brazil, and Europe. He’s a portrait artist, sports fan and now a coffee lover. His family owns and operates a successful cafe restaurant back home in Hungary where Matyas first learned to make and serve coffee. Recently, Matyas has been keen to learn even more and has begun to tumble down the coffee rabbit hole. Currently his favourite coffee is from Kenya!


Account Manager


Matthew joins IKAWA with rich coffee experience. He's been a barista in 3 different countries, owned and operated a cafe cart, and was selected as a fellow for the Re:Co at the Speciality Coffee Symposium in Budapest. He's also delved into the coffee competition world, participating in the 2013 UKBC and placing 4th at the UK Aeropress championships.

Originally from Lincoln here in the UK, he's a creative and adventurer by nature. Matthew studied music production at Ravensbourne University, played double bass in a bluegrass band, and writes often about coffee in his blog.


Customer Service Executive


Sarah joins IKAWA in our Customer Service role after having worked in Costa Rica, Spain, and France.

She was born and raised in Kenya and moved to the UK for school. She’s brings a mean latte to the IKAWA cafe and is always up for sushi!


Customer Service Executive


Brad is always first on the pourover station in the morning at IKAWA, and will generously encourage you to try whatever brew he's exploring that day.

You might see Brad around London on his skateboard, trying not to spill his coffee, or you may have seen him managing the coffee program at Bonds in Hackney, a coffee/concept store that's taking off.

All in all, Brad has a passion for food and drink (flavours!) which started when he would make trips into London from his hometown just outside Cambridge. He's never too far from his family dog, unless he's off exploring - he is, like a lot of our team, an avid and active traveler!


Marketing Manager


Geoff first encountered IKAWA before most of us, meeting Rombout at SCAA about five years ago, and became an IKAWA customer this year in his previous role as Director of Coffee for DETOUR, one of Canada's top speciality roasters. “Coffee is a bit of a rabbit hole” Geoff told us when discussing quality coffee. It’s one he’s dived in deep, which is great because Geoff is in charge of educating our customers on the finer points of coffee.

Beyond coffee, you’ll find Geoff playing squash, exploring his new home city London, searching out the best ramen, and appreciating our relatively milder climate!"


Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Manager


Nadia may like to say that she prefers tea over coffee, but when there’s a pot of Yirgacheffe going around she’s first in line.

Her work experience previous to IKAWA was in the luxury product sector, helping with digital activations and advertising. In her own time, she plays 2 instruments and can squat 100kg!


Business Development Manager


Sam can't shake coffee. A Canadian by way of New Zealand, Sam's first job in London was with a new coffee subscriptions service called Pact.

He was one of the first ten employees, helping eventually with special products around growth and customer retention. While there, Pact grew to over 50 employees. He moved on to Mörk and helped expand their wholesale business in the UK. After hours, Sam climbs (a lot) and often carries around table tennis gear, just in case he finds a table and some time.


Production Engineer


We have welcomed George back into a full time position after his 3 month internship with IKAWA in 2016. While studying engineering, George was part of the team that created the bike that holds the current human powered British land speed record!

When not working with production and R&D at IKAWA, George is a bit of a chef, making fresh and local meals at home. He even takes the time to forage and grow his own food!


Finance and Purchasing Assistant


Ornella was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to London in early 2018. She studied and became an Accountant in Argentina and after moving to London, joined our Finance Team alongside Maria.

An avid traveller, Ornella is now soaking in the culture in Camden and slowly but surely coming around to our office coffee. She still favours her Grandmothers, who mixes and grinds two special types together, her secret recipe!


Production Technician


Gabor comes from Hungary, where he studied in Budapest. Before joining IKAWA he was a barista at Alchemy Coffee and, like many aspiring baristas, is now in the roaster side of the industry!

In the workshop, he tends to be in charge of the music, with eclectic tastes that keep the team happy.


Production Technician


Lorenzo worked in his hometown Milan as a sound engineer in post-production for 10 years.

After moving to London, he pursued his love of coffee and worked as a barista in cafés across the city including Notes cafe. He has now combined his professional skills and works in our workshop building and testing IKAWA roasters.


Production Technician


Lydia joined IKAWA as a Production Technician, coming from the world of prop production and finance. Lydia enjoys working with her hands and creating. She also loves coffee and so IKAWA has been a natural choice where she is part of the incredible team that builds each roaster in London, UK.

not working you may find her at a music gig or walking around town taking photographs with a camera in one hand and a coffee in the other.


Production Technician


Harriet says she’s probably a little too keen on Bill Murray so she obviously fits in well here. Her time in fashion and branding gave her some interesting opportunities but felt drawn to hospitality which eventually led her to coffee.

She's a bit of a green thumb and grows her own veg when she’s not dancing to Talking Heads and sampling London’s best Negroni’s.


Production Technician


Timo brings an impressive technical background with him to IKAWA. He studied Mechanical Engineering at London South Bank University and worked as a Production Technician making submarines!

Timo was born and raised in Jinja, Uganda (“the most beautiful part of Africa”) and brought with him a love for sports. Since he moved to the UK, he’s been part of the National Baseball League playing for the London Pirates!


User Experience


Before joining the Royal College of Arts Innovation Design Engineering program, Kate worked as a Graphic Designer.

Her experience and skill set are lending a hand to our IKAWA Labs team, looking far into the future of what our products can and should do. When she’s not helping to revolutionise coffee roasting, Kate is forcing friends into improvised yoga classes!


User Experience


Before joining the Royal College of Arts Innovation Design Engineering program he worked for 3 years as a Platform 5 Architect. His experience and skill set are lending a hand to our IKAWA Labs team, looking far into the future of what our products can and should do.

When he’s not helping to revolutionise coffee roasting, he’s hiking, snowboarding, or tending to his oversized palm tree, Pamela Anderson.



Managing Director of Schuter SA a coffee trading company specialising in East African speciality coffee. Phil was a founding member of Speciality Coffee Association of Europe and while based in Liverpool, works all over the world.

Phil has been involved with IKAWA from our early days and his knowledge of the coffee sector – and using IKAWA roasters across the business – has been invaluable.


Chris brings a wealth of experience from the manufacturing sector to his role as Finance Director on the IKAWA board.

During Chris’ career, he’s been Technical Manager, General Manager and Finance Director of RPC Group PLC which is now a global design and engineering company with centres of excellence worldwide and a turnover in excess of £2bn following floatation which he oversaw in 1993.


Managing Director


Founder, CTO and Chairman


As a co-founder of IKAWA, Rombout joined forces with Andrew in the early days at the Royal College of Art, after previously studying at Stanford University and Imperial College London.

He now works independently as an award winning designer, engineer and researcher, and loves to develop new experiences that unleash unused human potential. Rombout has worked with Siemens, Merck and Proctor & Gamble and directed one of Philips’ open labs in Eindhoven where he’s based.


Andrew’s career has been based at Deloitte where he’s worked and lived in London, Birmingham, Melbourne and Paris. His roles include Partner, Vice Chairman, Global Head of Mergers and Acquisitions; Transaction Services and European and UK Head of Mergers and Acquisitions.

Since his retirement, he and former colleagues have invested in a number of young developing businesses –  and IKAWA is fortunate to benefit from his wisdom.