By popular request, we have been working with Cropster to enable an integration for IKAWA users to export their roast history to the Cropster platform.

The IKAWA – Cropster integration is currently in an invitational beta phase.

Access to the beta integration is currently limited to allow us to get representative insights to inform any further amends.

The integration facilitates communication between the IKAWA App and the Cropster web platform The goal is to allow tracking of IKAWA roasts using the IKAWA app and seamlessly synchronize them with samples managed in the Cropster web platform for further roast and QC analysis.


Once you’re set up, roast data from IKAWA can be sent to your Cropster account where they are synced, stored and visualized on the individual accounts.

You can compare roasts using Roast Compare and perform QC analysis on the created SR-XXXX roasts to evaluate the quality of your samples.


To request beta integration, please complete this short form, or contact your IKAWA account manager.

If you signed up on the request list we will contact you directly as soon as it becomes available.

How much does the beta integration cost?

The invitational beta phase is free of charge.

The pricing model going forward will be based on the current Cropster sample roaster machine base price and be dependent on the number of samples roasted. The pricing model will be publicly communicated to all users with sufficient lead time before the launch of the official integration, and is something managed by Cropster not IKAWA.

IKAWA customers will continue to be able to use the IKAWA Pro App free of charge, and use the roast log features as usual, regardless of having a Cropster account or not.

For any further questions please contact