IKAWA CARE will be provided by IKAWA Ltd (“IKAWA”). IKAWA provides IKAWA CARE as set out in this document, in respect of any version of the IKAWA Professional Sample Roaster (“Roaster”) purchased for commercial use.  

Except for the warranties set forth in this document, IKAWA provides no other warranties, express or implied, by statute or otherwise.

What is IKAWA CARE? 

IKAWA CARE is a package providing two elements: 

  1. Extended Warranty for a full return to base warranty for a period of two years from the date of purchase or date of delivery whichever is later (“Warranty Period”); and  
  2. IKAWA Service Centre Discount which offers a 50% discount on unlimited repairs (from accidental damage) or full service within 2 years (excluding shipping costs). 

Who is covered by IKAWA CARE 

This warranty is provided to the person (meaning a natural person, corporate or unincorporated body (whether or not having separate legal personality) whom originally purchased the Roaster (“the Customer”). 

What is covered by IKAWA CARE?

IKAWA warrants that the Roaster is free from defects under normal use and use in accordance with the user manual, during the Warranty Period. IKAWA CARE covers all parts, labour and shipping costs.  Accidental damage repairs will be 50% discounted under the service centre discount but shipping costs shall not be covered by IKAWA for service centre repairs.   

What is not covered by IKAWA CARE?

IKAWA CARE does not cover defects and damage resulting from:  

  • Use not in accordance with our user manual or for a purpose not intended;
  • Any attempt to carry out any disassembly, repair, alteration or modifications by the customer or a third party not authorized by IKAWA; 
  • Use of parts or accessories which are not genuine IKAWA approved parts, not purchased from IKAWA or an authorized agent as listed at www.IKAWAcoffee.com
  • External sources including but not limited to corrosion, electrical outage, power failure, weather or other circumstances outside of IKAWA’s control; or
  • Faulty installation.

When does IKAWA CARE begin? 

IKAWA CARE will begin once you have purchased it and starts on the date specified in your confirmation of purchase and will end 2 years later, or 3 years should you have the additional 1 year from purchase of a full service.  

How to raise an IKAWA CARE claim or request support?

To raise an IKAWA CARE claim, the Customer should contact IKAWA by sending an email to support@ikawacoffee.com and including in the email the Customer name and the serial number of the Roaster.

What documents to be provided for a Warranty claim?

Proof of purchase.  The customer must provide a copy of the original retail purchase receipt or other documentation or information in respect of the date and place of purchase or lease agreement documentation in the case of lease-to-own.

What will IKAWA do in the event of an IKAWA CARE claim? 

During the 2 year extended Warranty Period, IKAWA will repair or replace, at IKAWA ‘s option, the Roaster or any relevant parts.  

Who will own the defective Roaster or parts of the defective Roaster?

All defective Roasters or parts which are replaced shall become the property of IKAWA.   

Will the Warranty Period be extended after the services? 

 If the customer purchases a full service at the end of the 2 year extended warranty period, then the warranty will be extended by one further year.  

What is a full service? 

Full service provided by IKAWA is possible at any time.

Customer may wish to pay for preventative maintenance service especially where use of the IKAWA is heavy.  Full service is possible at any time, but is charged to the customer at a fixed price* at £570/€630(or its equivalent in any other currency) per machine plus VAT .  The fixed price for a full service will cover all costs of parts and labour.  Return shipping (courier service) is arranged by IKAWA and is an additional cost depending on location. The customer will be responsible for all customs and duties, if any. 

Once a full service has been undertaken at the end of the 2 year extended warranty period of IKAWA CARE, a further 1 year Warranty will be effective from the date of dispatch after completion of the full service by IKAWA.  

*prices at time of publishing may be subject to variatio

Can the rights under IKAWA CARE be transferred?

The rights under the Warranty are given to the person who purchased the Roaster only and therefore not transferable.

If the Roaster is located in a country outside the UK how will be warranty or service be provided? 

If the Roaster is still located in the country in which the Customer was domiciled at the time of purchase (the “Original Country”) , in the event of a defect occurring in the Roaster IKAWA will fix the defect by repair or replacement of parts and will reimburse the Customer for the cost of return shipping (courier service) from the Original Country. IKAWA will also return the Roaster to the Customer, at IKAWA’s cost, to the Original Country save that that, in the event that the Original Country is not the UK, the Customer, and not IKAWA, will be responsible for customs and duties. 

If the Customer has moved the Roaster to a country other than the Original Country, in the event of defect occurring in the Roaster, IKAWA will fix the defect by repair or replacement of parts, at no cost to the Customer but, in the event that the country to which the Roaster has been moved is outside the UK, the Customer will be responsible for the cost of return shipping and will also be responsible for the cost of transportation back to that other country along with customs and duties. 

Repair or Replacement in the case of invalidated warranty 

If the warranty is invalidated for any reason, repairs or replacements of parts or accessories will only be possible at a fixed price charged to the Customer. 

The fixed price for the repair under Extras will cover all parts, labour and return shipping (courier service) by IKAWA. The Customer will be responsible for all customs and duties. 

The warranty period of repair or replacement services not covered by the warranty shall be 3 months from the date of shipping after repair on the repaired parts or accessories. 

Can I cancel IKAWA CARE? 

Yes you may cancel IKAWA CARE by giving 14 days written notice.


Dated: 6 November  2020