23 Jun 2023

The IKAWA Pro Series – Which Roaster?

This quick read is to help you explore which roaster is right for you.

At the time of writing, we’re building out the first batch of Pro100x roasters, ready to ship a them around the world very soon. New hardware, industry first features, and plenty of user focussed improvements all with the aim of further elevating your sample roasting experience and the existing Pro Series. 

The Pro Series, as of late June 2023 is comprised of three Sample Roasters; Pro50, Pro100 and Pro100x. Once paired via bluetooth, all Pro Series roasters connect to the IKAWA Pro App free to download here, unlocking the ability to design, adjust and experiment with roast profiles resulting in bespoke roasts for the users’ needs. Looking for roast profile inspiration?
Head to the IKAWA Roast Profile Library.

Pro Series roasters, as well as legacy models, are used throughout the coffee industry elevating users sample roasting by delivering back-to-back repeatability and consistency; bringing confidence to the cupping table. Incidentally the IKAWA Pro App also allows users to score their IKAWA roasted samples using IKAWA Cup. Read more here.

No matter the business, there is an IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster that fits.

Ok, IKAWA, but what are the differences between the three models?


Based on our shared experience and understanding of coffee evaluation, we have long held the opinion that 50g can be the perfect starting point for any green sample, whether known or not. When you receive a 100g sample, the ability to roast green coffee multiple times allows for a more comprehensive insight into the coffee, aiding informed purchasing decisions and beginning the process of profiling ready for production.


Designed for coffee professionals who need a larger batch size, whilst benefiting from all of the IKAWA Pro Series technology. All roast profiles on the Pro50 work on the Pro100. And each roast delivers five bowls for cupping, alternatively multiple brewing options or a combination of the two. So whether you’re cupping 5 bowls, need extra for colour analysis, or want to put 18g through the espresso machine, the Pro100 provides that extra batch size while maintaining the profiles and size of the Pro50. 


The latest addition to the Pro Series, the Proo100x, unlocks even deeper insights using industry-first technology. It’s brimming with features that simplify, automate, and enhance the sample roasting experience. 

The most exciting addition is the IKAWA Humidity Sensor, which unlocks Auto-Detect 1st Crack, and brings you the industry-first Moisture Release Graph. This incredible new visual offers a map, illustrating the timing and speed at which moisture is released from the coffee beans throughout the roasting process. Combined with Target development mode the Pro100x is the ultimate sample evaluation tool aimed at coffee professionals looking to unlock an even deeper understanding of coffee.

But which Pro Series Roaster is right for me?

With thousands of IKAWA Sample Roasters around the world, it’s fair to say that whilst no two businesses use them in exactly the same way there are common themes. 

Generally we observe start-ups, competition entrants, and trainers find the Pro50 well suited for their needs. Whereas higher volume roasteries and traders opt for Pro100 and Pro100x.

Prices vary across the Pro Series, but there is an IKAWA for every budget. Our account managers can talk you through what’s right for you and your business.

author-img By Rosie Annabelle Mills-Smith