18 Jul 2022

WCC: IKAWA’s Road to Melbourne Sponsorship Program

Announcing our sponsorship program for competitors for World Brews Cup and World Barista Cup taking place at MICE 2022. Read on to learn more about IKAWA in competition, and for more information about how to apply. 

IKAWA Pro roasters are best known as excellent tools to help with sample evaluation and profiling, and are now widely used in coffee competitions worldwide.

Over the years IKAWA has become an incredibly valuable tool for national and international Brewers Cup, Barista and Coffee in Good Spirits competitors.

 IKAWA has helped competitors improve coffee.

They discover the best coffees to use on stage, to create the perfect roasts – then replicate them time and time again, allowing optimal control over the roast, and freshness of the competition coffee. 

IKAWA has even been used to roast live on stage during the routine. You can read more about Patrick Rolf’s experience in 2019, or Irini Daskalopoulou who roasted her signature drink coffee on stage in Milan 2021, as well as some of the OGs: Ben Put, Kyle Ramage and Andre Eiermann who contributed roast profiles to our online profile library back in 2017

Knowing the value that IKAWA Pro roasters offer to coffee competitors, we are launching the WCC Road to Melbourne Sponsorship Program to support national champions taking part in the World Barista Championships or World Brewers Cup Championships in Melbourne later this year. 

To apply, hit the button above, and complete the application form. 

This is open to people competing at MICE in the World Barista Championships or World Brewers Cup Championships. Please apply by 1st August. 

If your national championship finishes after 1st August, but you’d like to be considered, please reach out to us.

If selected, we will organise the loan of an IKAWA Pro roaster (Pro50 or Pro100) for you to use to prepare for and compete in the World Championships, including return shipping, and one to one support at IKAWA. 

Irini Daskalopoulou competing in 2021 World Barista Championship using IKAWA on stage

If you have any questions about our WCC Sponsorship Program, please reach out to emily@ikawacoffee.com.

author-img By Emily Jackson