15 Dec 2022

IKAWA x Sustainable Harvest: Roast Profile and Highlights from Coffee Connected Triangulation

Roast profile sharing and being able to tap into the global coffee community is a really powerful aspect of being an IKAWA user. Our Autumn series of Coffee Connected cuppings have helped to unlock this, and the recent event with Sustainable Harvest really brings this to life.

IKAWA partnered with Sustainable Harvest for our second ever Live Remote Triangulation Cupping Competition.

The team at Sustainable Harvest curated two sets of coffees, each with an odd one out and sent them to roasteries in USA and Canada.  They were also sent a specially designed roast profile which you can try below.

We roasted in advance, and came together to connect, cup and compete.

This video captures the essence of the event, and also talks more about how Sustainable Harvest use IKAWA roasters as part of their QC process. Sustainable Harvest also talk about quality up and down their supply chain. 

We were also really interested in the discussion about finding the best roast profile to use on Pro100 and Pro50 roasters. 

Read more about how Sustainable Harvest use IKAWA in their HQ here.

Watch The Live Event


Sustainable Harvest’s Roast Profile

Sustainable Harvest's Roasting Profile

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author-img By Alex Georgiou