06 Apr 2020

Introducing IKAWA Pro App 3.0

Over the next week, we’ll be rolling out a major app update –  IKAWA Pro 3.0 for both iOS and Android.

This post reviews ‘what’s new’, and highlights powerful new features to get acquainted with. Before updating, please also read this more detailed onboarding information which explains the improved IKAWA Account and other FAQs.

You’ll see there are loads of new features, quick-links are here:

New Tools & Design
Status Bar
Refreshed Icons
Event Markers
Edit Using Table
Cropster Integration


First thing you will notice is the new look. It is easier to navigate, more polished, and comes with more tools built in. 

Here are a few new things you should know:


No matter how far away your phone or tablet is, you will know what is going on with your roast. 


One area we knew we needed to improve was the profile library. Profiles are easy to make and easy to download, so the list of profiles quickly became long.

We have added 3 tools to help you organise your profiles:

 1.  Search – yep, you can now search the Profile Library

 2.  Favourite – separate out your favourite profiles into their own “Favorites” tab

 3.   Archive – move old versions of your profile to the Archive. You can always restore a profile from the Archive if you want it back, but this will help clean up your main Profile Library.


Some familiar,  some new. It was time to update our icons in app. Helping you to quickly and intuitively navigate the new interface.


The same functions for roasting exist in 3.0, with some modifications:

When editing a profile, you can now see where your profile started before you made changes. This means your original profile acts as a template while you’re making edits.

Similar to the current app, to start, you can ‘send to roaster’ by hitting “send”.

When roasting, you can mark events (colour change, cracks) on your roast. New for 3.0, this information now carries through to the roast log, where the stages of your roast are displayed for you as a percentage of the overall roast.

blog roast log percent

Make sure to check out Landscape Mode while roasting.

In the Roast Log, you will notice a 3-digit code next to each roast. This is a searchable number, and allows you to randomise your cuppings. Rather than labelling your cuppings with sequential numbers, using a random 3-digit code helps reduce bias and allows for a fairer cupping table. (It also really helps us sync your account live over multiple devices!)

blog roast log identifier crop


In version 3.0 of the IKAWA Pro App you can move an event marker. Simply press on the marker line and drag to the desired location. 


We’ve observed that while the graph view is popular, some users prefer a table view to set specific control points. Now, both iOS and Android apps now have Table Edit function. 

This allows users to enter the exact time and number they want to achieve at every control point.


Sharing a profile is easier now. We want to make sure everyone knows they can collaborate and share with roasters around the world. 

There are 3 locations from which to share a profile:

1. Roast screen (same as always)
2. While roasting
3. Profile library


Cropster Logo PNG

Users with Cropster integration have a quicker way to export to cropster now. 

If your IKAWA Pro App is signed into a Cropster account, the app will give a prompt after each roast to export. 

Additionally, you can export any roast from the roast log.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to our support team support@ikawacoffee.com 

author-img By Geoff Woodley