22 Oct 2021


When we set out to update our 50g sample roaster, naturally the obvious place to start was with the hugely popular ProV3 and build from there.

Since the launch of the ProV3, there have been over 2 million roasts on IKAWA Pro Sample Roasters. Taking the best bits, and most loved features, we have engineered something even more reliable and valuable for coffee businesses around the world.

But why improve a 50g roaster when there’s now a 100g option?

From our shared experience and understanding of coffee evaluation, we’ve found that 50g is the perfect place to start with any green sample, known or otherwise.

When you receive 100g or so from a trader, the ability to roast the green coffee more than once allows you to not only get a greater insight into the coffee for simple yes/no purchasing decisions, but also begin the painstaking process of profiling and understanding what a coffee can really offer. The Pro50 offers this small sample roast flexibility.

How you decide to cup is completely up to you – our shared aim is to provide you with an accurate, repeatable, and most importantly, time-saving sample roaster with a capacity that adds flexibility to your evaluation process. 

Beyond the daily requirements of sample roasting and green evaluation, the 50g roaster has stood the test of time on the world stage year after year. From prestigious auctions like Best of Panama and Taste of Harvest events to the World Barista Championships and World Brewers Cup – our 50g roaster has been the preferred tool to win competitions and evaluate the most prestigious coffee in the world.

Pro50 Features

From obvious changes you’ll spot a mile off, to subtle adjustments you’ll never see – but just feel – the IKAWA Pro50 includes a number of key upgrades and changes. Some of the highlights include:

Inlet Filter

Designed to prevent any unwanted foreign objects entering the base of the roaster during roasting, this improvement is all about keeping your sampling operation with 100% up-time.

Off the Wall Mixing Ramp

 Taking the learnings from the Pro100 we have introduced a tiny skate ramp that doubles up as an excellent mixing device that further increases roast consistency.


New Wave Heating Element

At the heart of all Pro50 roasters you’ll find an improved heating element offering the same precise roasting experience, now with increased  reliability and performance. It delivers, roast-in, roast-out.


Same great app, with frequent updates to constantly enhance your roasting experience. With profiles directly translatable from Pro V3 and most legacy models. 

Inspired to join the Sample Roasting revolution, or fancy an upgrade?

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author-img By Rosie Annabelle Mills-Smith