07 Apr 2022

Introducing: IKAWA Cup

Anyone with an iOS device can use IKAWA Cup, whether or not they have roasted their samples on an IKAWA roaster. You just need the app – download it here.

Cupping is at the heart of what coffee professionals do. It’s how we learn, feed back, and how decisions are made about which coffees to purchase.

Cupping is also hard. It takes a lot of mental energy and time to think through all aspects of a table full of coffees.

This is why, with our goal of helping coffee professionals evaluate coffee, we are expanding the IKAWA Pro App to include powerful, simple, and free tools to create and record cuppings in app, and do it live connected with others. We call it IKAWA Cup.

We are very excited to release a working beta of these new cupping tools, available in the Apple App Store for all iOS users, whether you’re an IKAWA roaster user or not.


IKAWA Cup is a set of cupping tools in the IKAWA Pro App specifically designed to make all elements of cupping easier for coffee roasters.

It offers an easy, fast cupping form on your phone; simplified blind cuppings; pdf exports to share results; and a super fast way to have a group cupping. 


At IKAWA Pro we design and make tools for coffee professionals, and our goal has always been to improve coffee. We believe that by making tools to make sample evaluation easier, we can make great strides towards improving coffee. 


Regardless of if you use an IKAWA Sample Roaster or not, you can use the new IKAWA Cup coffee evaluation tools in our IKAWA Pro App.


This first release of IKAWA Cup is available on iOS (Android to follow), and this release includes the core features in English language only. We’re still working on some of the finer details and additional languages, but even as it is we believe this is an exciting new way to cup coffees, and cup them together. 

Please try this (we have a “how to” here), let us know your feedback (both good and bad), and we’ll continue to share news on new updates and features.

author-img By Geoff Woodley