28 Feb 2019


The IKAWA At Home roasting system makes it easy to roast coffee and get great results by simply using an IKAWA green coffee, combined with a roast recipe and pressing go. Even if you’ve never roasted coffee before.

Some of the IKAWA roast recipes we have created are designed for quite a bright filter, but others like the one designed for the Shakiso Ethiopia Natural coffee are a more medium roast, or better suited to espresso. If you’ve not tried them already, we have released some great espresso roast recipes here designed for traditional and third wave espresso drinkers.

So what’s next? For many, this opens up even more questions, and fuels our curiosity about the coffee, the roasting process and how that affects the flavour of the coffee we drink.

We’ve written about green coffee, roast profiles, and various posts about roasting; such as Exploring Roasts: Light, Medium and Dark, and the Stages of Coffee Roasting – all recommended reading. But sometimes you can’t beat real Facetime.


Home Roasting Course with Climpson and Sons

We’re happy to be supporting our neighbours Climpsons and Sons with their first Home Coffee Roasting Course run from their beautiful training facility in East London.

This course is designed for any Home Barista enthusiast or coffee lover looking to take the next step in their coffee journey, understanding the hows and why of coffee roasting and flavour.

The workshop is headed up by Emily Jackson, Operations Manager and Roaster at Climpson & Sons. The course will provide some theory such as an overview of the roasting process, covering areas such as physical and chemical reactions in roasting coffee, an introduction to green coffee, and progression of coffee development at each stage of roasting.
You’ll learn coffee roasting terminology like ‘first crack’ and go into more depth about the roast curve.

On a practical level, there will be the chance to cup some coffees to ascertain the differences in taste during roasting, and of course to apply your skills to roast your own batch on the IKAWA Home Roaster with Climpson & Sons selection of coffees.

The next event is on Saturday 17th of August in London.

You can read details of this here.

There is currently 1 IKAWA Home Roasting Workshop scheduled for each month. All in London – apologies to international readers!

For those who can’t attend, Emily has been kind enough to share a roast recipe she has created for the IKAWA At Home. Its designed to use with Climpsons’ Daterra Estate Brazilan green coffee, and brewed as espresso.

We tried this roast profile on our Brazilian green coffee, and the roast worked really nicely. We got first crack around 4:05 – 4:15 leaving just over 2 mins of development time.

Try it for yourself.

Find out more about Climpson’s Home Roasting Course here


author-img By Alex Georgiou