14 Oct 2022

IKAWA x Royal Coffee: Green coffee density and its effect on coffee roasting

Coffee density is a really important attribute in green coffee.
Beans grown at higher altitudes tend to have a higher density than coffees grown at lower altitudes, but there are other factors that impact this too – including coffee varietal, the climate, and moisture content of the bean amongst others.

Green coffee density is a key variable that we consider when choosing a roast profile on an IKAWA and approaching a production roast.

To explore this juicy topic further, IKAWA partnered with Royal Coffee to for a Coffee Connected cupping, led by Chris Kornman, diving deep into coffee density, and its effect on coffee roasting.

Royal sent sample packs to 50 roasteries in USA and Canada with high and medium density coffees, along with two specially designed roast profiles.

We roasted in advance, and came together to connect, cup and learn.

Even if you don’t have an IKAWA, the tips about measuring density and roast theory that Chris explained on the webinar are really helpful

We’ve made this short film to share the learnings – and below include Chris Kornman’s High Density and Low Density roast profiles that you can try for yourself.


Watch the highlights


Try Chris’s Roast Profiles

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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article.
There are more Coffee Connected events to follow where we partner with excellent importers for an educational curated roasting and cupping experience.

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author-img By Alex Georgiou