08 Aug 2023

Our Bühler Group Innovation Partnership

Would you like to help with the research we’re doing with Bühler? We’re looking for participants from coffee. Read on to learn more, or click here to sign up.

We have partnered with leading Swiss technology group Bühler to explore product development in the gap between micro- and medium-sized roasters. It’s an exciting endeavour and the strengths of our two companies are very complimentary.

Bühler are known for building coffee factories, and equipment throughout the supply chain. They also have a very strong production roaster line in their RoastMaster series, which is growing in popularity.

At IKAWA, our founder Andrew Stordy has instilled the user-led design approach throughout the company, something which he learned through his time at the Royal College of Arts Innovation Design program. This approach is what led to the development of the IKAWA Sample Roaster, and it’s continued success.

We’re excited to use our expertise and design-approach to support the development. By opening up an extensive user research phase, we hope members of the coffee community will be just as excited to get involved.

Research Phase 

Our aim is to understand the goals and challenges users face in production-scale roasting and to use this to inform design solutions that improve what is already available in the market. 

To learn more and sign up to participate, please click below:

author-img By Geoff Woodley