08 Feb 2016


IKAWA Pro Sample Roasters are controlled through an app installed on your iPad or iPhone, and communication between the device and roaster is enabled through Bluetooth.

The degree of precision and control of the roast curve that the IKAWA Pro Sample Roasters delivers is unique, and the simplicity of the app is a very popular aspect of the roasting system.

The last year has been really exciting for IKAWA as more and more professionals are using the sample roaster, and we’ve had the chance to meet hundreds more people at trade shows and events – all with questions and suggestions for further improvements.

We’re excited to share the IKAWA Pro App 2.0 with you.

This development maintains the simplicity of use, while providing more data and enabling you to record unique roast details through the IKAWA Pro App.

The IKAWA Pro App is free to download from iTunes and works on iPads or iPhones. This app is compatible with all existing IKAWA Pro Sample Roasters.


The original app enabled you to create and save various different roast profiles.

In the 2.0 version we develop this further:  In addition to the Profile Library, the app records unique data for each individual roast. Each Roast can be recorded in the Roast Log.


  • Temperature: View temperature in degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit
  • User Account: Create User Account and back-up data on your device
  • User Experience: Streamlined dialogue between roaster and iPad / iPhone
  • Improved Example Roast Profiles: Should reduce the time it takes to find perfect profiles for your coffees
  • Sharing: Enhanced Sharing of roast profiles and unique roast data
  • Firmware update: To enable these enhanced features
  • Disconnect button: when controlling multiple roasters this makes it straight forward to switch between them

Read more about these enhancements, and how to use them here.


  • Mark 1st (or 2nd) Crack: Record the time of First Crack as you roast. If you’re taking the coffee to Second Crack, you can add a marker for this too. Read more.
  • Development Time Ratio: After marking First Crack, the app will automatically calculate and display the Development Time Ratio (DTR). Read more.
  • Rate of Rise data: Interchangeable view of Temp and RoR before, during and after roast. This is displayed in 15 second intervals. Read more.
  • Roast Log: Use this to save unique data and notes on each roast you do. It will automatically show Date and Time, End Temperature, End Time (ie duration), Time of First Crack, DTR and the roast graphs for both Temperature and RoR.
    Additionally, you can record coffee sample roasted, notes and a photo for each roast you do. Read more.
  • Edit Profile using Data Table: for those of you who like tables not graphs, this is for you – it enables you to edit the profiles via a table view. Read more.

These features transform the IKAWA Pro App from a simple device to control the roaster, to be the hub for recording all your sample roasting; storing your history, recording notes and reviewing historical roast data.


We hope you find this useful.
Thanks to our being Beta Testers – your input has been really appreciated.

We’d love to hear your feedback on this version of the app, or comments and suggestions for future updates please email customerservice@ikawacoffee.com

author-img By Alex Georgiou