23 Mar 2015


Kult Kaffee is a roastery with a café, based in Heiligenhaus, in the German Ruhr Area. Owner Uwe Liebergall started the business with cafés and selling to local restaurants and cafés. The business grew and we now serve over 500 cups daily and roast over 2,000 kilos of coffee monthly. Uwe is also a member of the German Roasters Guild.

“Our style is to provide the best possible coffee. Sourcing great coffee is of critical importance”, Uwe explains. Uwe was introduced to the IKAWA machine in 2011 at a fair in Vienna and could instantly see how it would help his business: Uwe became one of IKAWA’s first customers back in 2012.

“I often need to roast many samples in a short period of time. We have now used IKAWA for over 2 years and it has become an essential tool in our business – roasting just the right amount for a cupping. Another goal is to create roast-profiles on the IKAWA, which could be easily transferred on our production roasters”.

This spring, Kult Kaffee opened a completely new roastery which includes a built-in café. “We believe technology can help to make a better coffee experience – IKAWA fits this very well. We also love the sturdy and sleek design of the roaster – which resonates with our the architecture and atmosphere we have created here”.

“The IKAWA roaster allows us, for instance, to quickly evaluate various blends – which is virtually impossible to do on all the other roasting equipment we have: If I were to use the Giessen or Probat, I would need to use 5 kilograms to make a sample roast – and the machine would still be warming up by the time the IKAWA has already roasted a sample.”

“To my experience, the IKAWA roaster can do the same as a drum sample roaster – but doesn’t need such close supervision and can be replicated exactly. I would absolutely recommend it for sample roasting.”

author-img By Alex Georgiou