At IKAWA, we are on a mission to improve coffee, for everyone.

We design and manufacture transformational, innovative systems to improve the quality and appreciation of coffee globally. Right now, that means two revolutionary coffee roasters for the professional and home users.

Our plans go further than coffee roasters. For us, the bigger picture extends to coffee as a whole. Our vision is to improve the value chain for smallholder producers and benefit the global coffee industry and drinkers by improving quality and appreciation of excellent coffee. From farm to cup, we can make a difference.

Innovation with a purpose

We launched the IKAWA Sample Roaster in 2013, a tool that we believed would revolutionise sample roasting. We knew coffee evaluation needed more consistency, more repeatability and more accessibility and the IKAWA Sample Roaster was designed with this in mind.

We’re proud to say it’s now used around the world, helping coffee producers and roasters, baristas and educators roast and evaluate their coffees with more precision than ever.

The success of the Sample Roaster technology led to a consumer model. Ultimately, it’s the connection between a consumer and the producer that can be the most powerful. We launched a Kickstarter for our IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roaster System in 2015 and with the help of 366 backers brought it to market.

The Future:

With our Kickstarter campaign complete and filled, the IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roaster System is live. It’s our move to connect consumers with coffee, for them to explore further and really bring their coffee to life. Literally, and figuratively. It takes the technology of the professional Sample Roaster and makes it easy enough for anyone to use, right in their kitchen.

We’re proud to have our Sample Roasters in over 70 countries around the world. We are developing more ways to bring it to the farm level, and at the same time, support some of the best coffee roasters, researchers, baristas and educators in the world.

From farm to cup, we’re looking to improve coffee. For everyone.

It’s the people that make a company, and we’re proud to have an incredible team. They embrace our drive to improve coffee, exceed expectations and have fun doing it.