The IKAWA micro-roasting system can revolutionise the world of coffee both for coffee drinkers and producers.

IKAWA was the brainchild of founders Andrew Stordy and Rombout Frieling who had the idea while studying Industrial Design at London’s Royal College of Art. 

The IKAWA roaster is now a reality and after hundreds of working prototypes we now have a roaster that is used everyday by hundreds of coffee professionals all over the world, and are on the brink of launching our Home Coffee Roaster which is available for pre-order here.

THE Team

Andrew Stordy
Founder & CEO

Andrew grew up in coffee growing countries including Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Burundi. Andrew is an engineer and industrial designer and developed the concept for IKAWA while studying Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art in London.

Rombout Frieling
Co-Founder & Design Director

Having studied Industrial Design and worked in Consumer Electronics Design around the world, he joined Andrew on the IKAWA challenge in its early days. Rombout was a finalist in the Braun Design Prize and a Shell Livewire award winner

Ben Ireland Managing Director IKAWA Ltd

Ben ireland
managing director

Ben joined as Managing Director from a background in the travel industry and start-ups in Architecture, Sports Travel and Tech. 
While new to the world of coffee roasting, Ben’s 5-a-day habit has exposed him to some of the best espressos in London, which he claims its fuel for cycling (and Strava KOM status in South Devon). 

Bradley Nelson, Head of Professional Sales, IKAWA

bradley Nelson
Head of professional sales

Bradley started his journey with IKAWA in the summer of 2015 and heads up business development of our Professional Sample Roaster.

He is a massive coffee enthusiast, qualified UKBC Judge and keeps the team supplied with coffee brewed from the large Chemex we bought after he smashed the smaller one! 

Bradley Nelson, Head of Professional Sales


Jess joined the IKAWA team right at the beginning of 2016 as Office Manager. She has a degree in Culinary Arts Management and has worked around the world in a range of areas including media and hospitality – you may have seen her at the Clocktower Café that she founded with a friend. 

Jess is a keen skier and now cycles to work every sunny day!

Alex Georgiou
HEAD OF Marketing

Alex has the easiest job in the company – extolling the virtues of coffee freshly roasted by the IKAWA.

Before joining IKAWA, Alex worked for UK coffee brand Cafédirect and founded Espresso Mushroom Company which upcycles coffee waste into beautiful mushrooms. In 2014 he was finalist for IGD Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Nikash Parmar
Production Coordinator

For the last year IKAWA have been manufacturing our Pro Sample Roasters in house at our London HQ. Nikash joined from a manufacturing background and is the guy that oversees the assembly, testing and dispatch. 

Nikash brings a wealth of experience with him, and is a gadget fanatic – particularly his Fitbit, which is helping his ‘training’ for Tough Mudder!


Tony grew up in the highlands and coffee producing region of Panama. From a family background of 100+ years in coffee production. Coffee runs through his veins, metaphorically and literally! 

Previously he worked in coffee exports and quality control and recently completed a masters at the London School of Economics.

Tony's an avid traveler, multi-linguist and loves London.


Gabor comes from Hungary, where he studied in Budapest. Before joining IKAWA he was a barista at Alchemy Coffee and like many aspiring baristas is now in the roaster side of the industry! 



Suita grew up around coffee farm in Honduras where its been in the family for generations. She joins after completing her Masters in Business and Marketing and can be found in the office roasting Honduran coffee late into the evenings!


Join the Team

It’s people that make a company, and as we grow we’re always on the lookout for great people to join the team. Find out about current opportunities here.


our VISION is to

"Improve the value chain for smallholder producers and benefit the global coffee industry and drinkers by improving quality and appreciation of excellent coffee"

At present the majority of coffee is traded as a commodity, implying that one bean tastes the same as the next.

Companies in coffee consuming countries largely own the brand value of coffee. A consequence of this is coffee producers have little power in this system and receive very little of the money that consumers pay for coffee.

IKAWA aims to encourage and enable an alternative supply chain for speciality coffee, traded outside the commodity system, where each bean is valued for its provenance and flavour characteristics.

Within this system we think there are greater opportunities for farmers who produce high quality coffee to sell their produce at a premium, therefore improving their incomes.


  1. Donating 10% of revenue from selling green coffee beans to a quality improvement fund, delivered by the award winning charity Cafedirect Producers' Foundation.

  2. Supplying roasting systems that help coffee traders and roasters buy and sell coffee on the basis of the unique flavour and characteristics of each bean.

  3. Supplying an affordable roaster that makes it easy for coffee producer groups to roast coffee for themselves and improve the quality of their product.

  4. Making it easy, enjoyable, and desirable for consumers to roast coffee for themselves, enabling a supply chains for coffee direct from producer to consumer.