Green Coffee Subscription

£18 every 4 weeks

Shipping Cost
  • Product Description

    2x 500g Green Coffee every 4 weeks. Shipping is included.

    Receive 2 packs of fresh green coffee every 4 weeks. Each 500g pack is specially selected by our team for you to enjoy great tasting coffee from around the world. On the back of each pack, you will find recommended filter and espresso recipes specifically crafted by professionals.

    Subscription is currently available to customers in the UK, Europe and North America.

    Your subscription can be paused or stopped at any time.

    How it works

    • Payments will be made on Monday every 4th week.
    • Your Green Coffee will be shipped out on Thursday that same week.

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  • Improving Coffee For All

    IKAWA’s vision is to positively impact every stage of the coffee process, from farm to cup. The Green Coffee Subscription is a step forward in this direction as it helps us accurately predict green coffee demand so that waste is minimised and crop freshness is at its highest. Each coffee is transparent and traceable, making you closer to the farmers like never before.