We’ve been working on some important updates on the Pro App and firmware that controls the IKAWA Sample Roasters, so wanted to share some more detail with you.

The IKAWA Pro app 2.3 is available to download on iTunes.

Now, you can also download the first version of IKAWA Pro app on android.

There are a few bug fixes, and you might notice we’ve enabled the Time Zone to display correctly in the Roast Log now, and updated the visuals a bit, but there are two significant changes we wanted to tell you more about…


The key features in this firmware update are:

1. PID control of the fan speed to create even greater consistency and uniformity from roaster to roaster, and roast to roast.

2. A predictive element within the temperature control algorithm which will help the roaster control the temperature even more accurately, and minimise overshoot, particularly in the early stage of the roast.

3. Improved Preheating settings to preserve life of heating element.


IKAWA has upgraded the database that serves the Pro App and it is now cloud based.

You can still log in to your account, and restore backups as before, but now you can also access roast data (profiles and roast log) from different devices if needed.

However, we recommend it should be used more of a ‘backup’ than a way to share roast history across multiple devices.