Net Credit Terms

Get up to 90 days of credit terms on your IKAWA Sample Roaster with Resolve Pay.


1 Apply for terms

Complete a short application with Resolve Pay to get approved for up to Net 90 Credit Terms. Your credit score will not be impacted by making an application


2. Decision within 48 hours

Resolve Pay will review your application. You’ll receive a notification with the outcome.


3. Order Confirmation

Once your application is successful, we’ll follow up with a written quote. When you accept the quote, your order will progress. 


4. Invoice and Shipping

After accepting the quote, you’ll receive an invoice from Resolve Pay shortly after, and we’ll arrange the shipment.  The due date for your payment – taking into account the credit period – will be on your invoice.


What are Net D credit terms?

Net D is a payment term or a form of trade credit, which defines a period within which a customer has to pay for an outstanding invoice for the product or service received. It is commonly accompanied by a 30 or 60. For example if the credit terms are Net 30, that means that the amount to be paid is due in 30 days.

How much will using this service cost me?

There is a small surcharge for using Net D terms. It varies depending on the terms you choose. It won’t be more than 5% of the value of your invoice and you will see it on your quote and invoice. The fee breakdown is as follows: 

Net 30 days – 3%
Net 60 days – 4%
Net 90 days – 5% 

If you have any questions or require more information about this, talk to your account manager.

Do I have to apply for Net 90 days? What if I want 30 or 60 days?

The application form defaults to 90 days, but once you get approved for credit terms by Resolve Pay, you can decide whether you pay in Net 30, 60 or 90 days. The surcharge will vary depending on the terms you choose.

Will the application impact my credit score?

No the application will not impact your credit score.

What happens if I get rejected?

If you get rejected you will be notified. Don’t worry, this rejection will not impact your credit score. Talk to us about it, we may be able to help if you get rejected.

Will Resolve charge me any interest?

No, Resolve pay will not charge any interest if the full balance is paid on time. However, if your payments are after the agreed timeframe, late payments incur a 1.5% finance charge and a $29.00 late fee for each billing period it is past due. As mentioned above, there is a small surcharge for using the terms, talk to your account manager for more information on this.