The IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roaster System is designed for all international power supplies.

  • 220 – 240v (UK, Europe)
  • 110 – 120v (USA, Canada)

Select voltage on the product page

There are many differences between IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roaster System and the Sample Roaster for Professionals:

The For Professionals System; the Sample Roaster and Pro App allows a greater degree of precision for coffee professionals using the machine as a business tool to help with consistent, standardised sample roasting and profile roasting.

This includes 20 temperature profile points, 20 minutes of roasting time, ten fan points, the ability to pre-heat the roaster for high-temperature starts, and real-time roast adjustment – so you can amend the roast profile on the fly.

The temperature sensor of the Pro Roaster is located inside the roast chamber, offering very accurate temperature readings of the exhaust temperature – a relatable metric for coffee professionals. Locating the sensor here allows the roaster to measure temperature of the air after it’s passed the beans, so will take into account the endo and exothermic stages of the roast, and adjust heat sent to roaster based on these readings. This is fundamental to the roast.

There are also advanced features on the Pro App (such as ability to mark First Crack, automatic calculation of the Development Time Ratio, Rate of Rise graphs, Roast Log and ability to edit data in the table form rather than graph – more here) which all help coffee professionals use the roaster to meet business needs.

IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roaster System is designed to making home coffee roasting more accessible to coffee lovers, and enable experienced home roasters the opportunity to get more adventurous with their home roasting.

The Home App is designed to help achieve this, and comes with 6 recommended roast recipes for the range of green coffees we supply.

It offers six temperature profile points, two fan points, and twelve minutes’ profile time. There is no pre-heating functioning which although is different to the Sample Roaster, it still enables excellent roasts, but the insights do not translate to production roasting.

The temperature sensor is located below the roasting chamber where it is more protected. It measures the Input Temperature of the air going into the roast chamber, so will not pick up the variations that different bean moisture levels, density etc can bring to the roast – although the recommended roast recipes are designed for the beans we supply and taste fantastic. Because roasts are based on input temperature, the curve needs to be designed differently, and the axis on the app are different too, going to a maximum input temp of 295 degrees C, compared to 245 degrees C on the Sample Roaster.

The IKAWA Home App still has the ability to customise roast recipes and share via email, twitter and text message etc, however does not have the same advanced features as the Pro App.

The IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roaster System can roast 60g of green coffee at one time, which will amount to around 50g of roasted coffee beans. One of the beauties of the product is the accuracy and repeatability – so it will repeat roast at the touch of a button, meaning you can roast larger amounts in minutes.

IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roaster System roast recipes are designed for 50g of green coffee.

The IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roaster System will be able to be used with any green beans, not limited to the IKAWA green beans.

We are confident you will love our selection of coffees – available here.

They have been selected by a panel of experts, and come with a recommended roast recipe tailored to the particular beans. This allows the less experienced roaster to have a perfect result first time, and be a platform to develop your roasting expertise by as experimenting with the profiles and editing them to create your perfect recipe.

The IKAWA Pro App is not compatible with the IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roaster System. This is because the temperature is measured at different points, so there is no correlation.

The IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roaster System will have a maximum roast time of 12 minutes, however many of our favourite roast recipes take around 6 minutes + cooling time (approximately 90 seconds). You can experiment to find what works best for you!

You can view the the Technical Specification under the roaster here  

The roaster emits very little smoke when roasting and does not require external ventilation to be fitted.

This is mainly due to the small batch size – and the fact that when using recommended roast recipes you will not burn the coffee beans, so very low amounts of smoke are emitted.

We would however recommend that if doing more that a couple of roasts you open windows, or use the roaster below your extraction hood.

The IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roaster is like a regular kitchen appliance and is designed to sit right next to your toaster or blender. In terms of use, the case will warm up during roasting but is not hot. The glass will get hot and we don’t recommend touching the glass or metal around the glass while the roaster is in use, or shortly afterwards.

Regarding the technical certifications, it is tested to appropriate IEC and UL standards:

IEC-60335-1 and IEC-60335-2-9, and UL 1026

Listed by Intertek (USA and Canada), ETL Listing 501017.


You can order from our website here.

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The  IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roaster System comes with 1 World Selection Pack, however you can order any additional coffee or accessories for no extra shipping cost.

While prices are listed in GBP, you can make payments from foreign currency account.

At present, orders will be shipped to the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

We will update this over time – find our more about shipping countries and costs here.

Customers may be liable for any local import duties or taxes when the delivery is to a country outside the European Union.

Shipments for Home Coffee Roaster are made by DHL’s Economy worldwide service.

All orders are dispatched the next working day from the order being place.

Depending on where you are ordering from, the delivery may take up to 1 week from order.


Anyone can download the IKAWA Home app – just search for IKAWA Home in the iTunes App Store, or Google Play.

Click here to download on iOS. Click here to download on Android.

User account allows you to back up your roasting library, and log onto another device with to access your profiles.

You can also synchronize your app and website account and login details, by selecting ‘sync accounts’ on the User Account section of the website.

The black line represents the fan speed.
It controls how many rotations per second the fan makes. The fan speed is what animates the coffee when it’s in the roast chamber and pushes the heat through. Typically it needs to be relatively high at the start as the beans are denser; heavier and smaller – but some people like to turn the fan speed up towards the latter stages of the roast as the coffee gives off more smoke.

You can edit the fan speed, so have a play and see what you think, but be mindful not to set the speed too low at the start or you’ll end up burning the beans!

The IKAWA Smart Home Coffee Roaster System is controlled via the IKAWA Home App which communicated via bluetooth with your roaster.

You must download the IKAWA Home app from iTunes or Google Play Store first. Click here to download on iOS. Click here to download on Android.


Email support@ikawacoffee.com and we’ll be happy to help