Your next coffee,

freshly roasted at home.

Possibly the best coffee you’ve ever made.

Your coffee experience is about to be elevated to a new level. Roasting has never been so accessible, consistent, enjoyable and safe. Enjoy professionally roasted coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Your coffee,

your way.

Your origin preference, roast recipe, and brew method.
This is truly your coffee.

You are no longer just in control of your brew method, but a wide range of coffee origins and exactly how it is roasted. Choose from a library of pre-made recipes or design one yourself.

Tap, tap, go,

it's that simple.

Select your favourite recipe, or craft your own.
Everything you need is on the app.

The Roaster is digitally-managed via the Home App. This means that you will always achieve consistent results over multiple roasts. It is simple to use, but incredibly versatile.

You now have

10 minutes to spare.

Track your roast in real-time,
or leave it to roast in the background.

The Roaster requires no supervision and takes about 10 minutes to complete as it follows your roast recipe on the app in real-time. You will get notified when the roast is complete - in the meantime, you have 10 minutes to spare.

Next level coffee,

crafted by you.

Roast every day or for the week,
whichever suits your schedule.

It is incredibly easy to achieve amazing results on the IKAWA At Home. All green coffee from our shop come with recommended filter and espresso recipes. Use these recipes as a springboard to customise your own, or create a recipe from scratch.

Share and enjoy,

a cup unlike any other.

Enjoy your coffee with friends and family,
they make great gifts too.

The IKAWA At Home is designed to work around your busy schedule so that you can focus on your relationships and work. At the same, enjoying the best-tasting coffee you’ll ever have.

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