+ What is the difference between the 110 - 120V and the 220 - 240V IKAWA Pro?

IKAWA make Pro Sample Roasters can be used worldwide.

We manufacture in both power varieties of either 220 - 240V or 110 - 120V depending on where you’re based, and you will get consistent results.


To place an order, please contact along with billing and shipping details.

If you still have a few questions that we’ve not covered, please drop us a line anyway and we’ll be happy to help.

+ What is the warranty covered in a roaster?

The Pro Sample Roaster includes 12 months part and labour warranty.

This is normally carried out directly from IKAWA’s factory and workshop in London, England. In addition, our support team can assist over the phone or email.

+ What is the lead time on an IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster?

Typically we manufacture in small batches so would normally have stock immediately available or within a short lead time. Contact to reserve your Pro Sample Roaster.

+ Where are the IKAWA Pro Sample Roasters built?

IKAWA Pro Sample Rosters are designed and manufactured in London.

If you are ever in town, please feel free to get in touch to arrange a visit.

+ How much is the IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster?

To receive a tailored quotation please email, and include your shipping address as we will include this on our quote.

+ Does the IKAWA Pro App cost additional?

The IKAWA Pro App is free for charge. You can download the App here now to see the interface first hand.

We have made some exciting developments recently which you can read more about here.

+ Can I trial the IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster?

When you purchase the Pro Sample Roaster it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee – so if for any reason you decide the roaster isn’t what you’re looking for, or doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return the roaster to us, and we will refund your purchase. This is effectively at 30 day trial.

Fair warning: to date, nobody has decided to return the roaster!

+ Can I distribute the IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster?

To discuss potential distribution partnership with IKAWA, please contact

+ Does the IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster come in a different colour?

As the great innovator, Mr Henry Ford, once said “Any customer can have…any colour that he wants so long as it is black”.

The Pro Sample Roasters are black.


+ What’s the difference between the IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster and the Home Coffee Roaster?

There are many differences between the Home and the Professional IKAWA, here is a basic summary:

The Pro Sample Roaster has been available used by coffee professionals for over a couple of years.

The Pro Roasting System – the Roaster and App allows a greater degree of precision for coffee professionals using the machine as a business tool. This includes 20 temperature profile points, 20 minutes of roasting time, ten fan points, the ability to pre-heat the roaster for high-temperature starts, and real-time roast adjustment – so you can amend the roast profile during the roast.

The temperature sensor of the Pro Roaster is located inside the roast chamber, offering very accurate temperature readings required to coffee professionals.

There are also some advanced features on the Pro App (such as ability to mark First Crack, automatic calculation of the Development Time Ratio, Rate of Rise graphs, Roast Log and ability to edit data in the table form rather than graph – more here - which all help coffee professionals use the roaster to meet business needs.

The Home Roaster is only available for pre-order at the moment.

It is aimed at making home coffee roasting more accessible to coffee lovers, and allowing experienced home roasters the opportunity to get more adventurous with their home roasting.

It offers six temperature profile points, two fan points, and twelve minutes’ profile time with immediate bean drop with no pre-heating functioning making for faster at home roasting. The temperature sensor is located below the roasting chamber where it is more protected. The IKAWA Home App will still have the ability to customise roast recipes and share via email, twitter and text message etc, however will not have the same advanced features as the Pro App.

IKAWA will also be marketing green beans with prescribed profiles to use along with these on their IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster, this will allow the roaster to experiment whilst creating great coffee.

+ What is the capacity?

The capacity of the roaster is 60 grams, we recommend between 50 and 60 as the optimum.

By using 50 grams you’re able to get two roasts from a 100g sample which is handy if your sample roasting of flavour profiling. You could repeat roast - use the exact same roast profile and get the same result, or try two different roasts on the beans by tweaking the profile.

+ Does the IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster require extraction facilities?

The roaster emits very little smoke when roasting and does not require installation of extraction facilities.

It produces very little smoke due to the small batch size - and the fact that when sample roasting to light or medium roast degrees you will not burn the coffee beans, so very low amounts of smoke are emitted.

All the chaff is contained in the collection jar and won’t make a mess of your office, lab or roaster!

+ How do you clean the roaster?

The roaster lid is magnetic and can be taken off to be cleaned so you can continually see the roast happening, providing a visual experience of your sample roasting at all times.

Chaff is collected automatically during the roast, so there is no blockage of chaff to clean as you see in other roasters.

We do not recommend cleaning the inside of the roasting chamber, to avoid disturbing the PT1000 Temperature Sensor which is extremely sensitive.

+ Can I translate an IKAWA Roast Profile onto a bigger capacity roaster?

This is the holy grail of sample roasting, and it’s worth noting that no sample roasters directly translate across to larger capacity production roasts.

The IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster is ideal for roasting samples uniformly, quickly and ‘hands free’, and allows you to experiment with completely different roast profiles to bring out different flavours from your coffees. The Pro App enables you to record individual roast data such as time and temperature of First Crack, the Development Time Ratio of your roast, and allows you to catalogue your roast history including photos, roast graph and data, plus notes you make during roasting or cupping.

There is no ‘formula’ to translate your ultimate sample roasts to larger capacity production roasters, however some of our customers have found there are patterns and trends that they can apply.

If you are an IKAWA customer, we’d love to get your thoughts on this, and will add a blog post dedicated to this before long!

+ Does the IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster work with Cropster or any other Roast Software?

The IKAWA Pro App is a stand-alone application and at present does not facilitate links with any other software.

You can download the IKAWA Pro App here to get a feel for it, get an overview of the app here and read more about the Advanced Features of the IKAWA Pro App in this blog post:

The roast profiles created with the IKAWA Pro App are used to control the roaster, not just to report on actual roast details.

+ Can I share Roast Profiles with partners?

One of the exciting benefits of the IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster is that it enables you to share your best roast profiles with colleagues and partners.

This is a unique feature and creates a ‘common language’ that can be used to eliminate variables when speaking with colleagues and other partners in the supply and demand chains.

As an IKAWA customer you get access to our Roast Library which has profiles developed by our team and some of our customers, which is a great way to begin your IKAWA roasting journey.

+ How long does a typical roast take? I’ve seen 4 minutes roasts, is that enough time for proper bean development?

You have complete control over how long the sample roast will be, up to 20 minutes.

We have seen a wide variety of Roast Profiles and it really is great to see different users demonstrate and test their roasting theories and preferences given this degree of precision and control the IKAWA offers.

Roasts tend to be shorter than in the traditional roasters, this can be explained by the smaller quantity and great speed at which the temperature change (ie the roaster can pre-heat to 200 degrees C in a matter of seconds).

Every roast goes through roast cycle including pre-heating to your desired drop-in temperature, the roast itself, and an automatic (and fast) cool-down of the beans in the roast chamber. Proper bean development depends highly on the roast profile you create taking into account time, rate of rise, and end temperature, to name just three variables you can control.

With that said, we receive excellent feedback from our users daily, and both outer bean and inner bean development are frequently mentioned as positives.

+ Can I use two Pro Roasters at the same time?

You certainly can. We recommend using two devices to control two roasters (or three, or four) because you will then be receiving data from each roaster. The Pro App has a function to disconnect from a roaster and will then ask you which roaster you wish to connect to if more than one is available, which makes switching between two easy and avoids any interference.

For more information about using multiple roasters in your business, please contact

+ Is the taste of the coffee different when roasted in an IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster compared to a traditional sample roaster?

The beauty of the IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster is that you can roast coffee however you like, you just need to invest a little time playing with the different roast profiles.

It is possible to replicate a traditional sample roast. The challenge there is that while an IKAWA will repeat roast exactly, the traditional sample roasts may vary slightly (or significantly) depending on multiple factors. People often comment that the IKAWA roasts are very ‘clean’ and this is probably a result of the high air flow in relation to amount of smoke produced – smoke will not taint the taste of your samples which may also affect a direct comparison.

When evaluating coffee samples, the IKAWA will eliminate the variable of roasting – it enables you to roast all your coffee in the exact same way, so you can focus on their actual properties and not worry about if you slightly overcooked one batch.

Read Tim Williams’ comments on his experiences using the IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster for more insight.

+ Is there an Android App?

At this time the IKAWA Pro App is only available on iOS devices – iPhones (after 4s) and iPads (anything after 2012).

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