IKAWA is building a team of expert distribution partners around the world. If you are from a country listed below, our partner will be happy to supply and support you with your IKAWA Pro Sample Roaster.  

these partners are distributing the IKAWA Pro Sample Roasters. 

Home Coffee Roasters are only available to pre-order from IKAWA directly which you can do here

IKAWA | Worldwide 

Pro Sample Roasters are available for worldwide delivery, with the exceptions of countries listed below in alphabetical order.

AUSTRALIA | Bureaux Collective

  • Telephone: (03) 9088 7511

BELGIUM | CDS Automatem  

  • Telephone: +32 56 25 76 65 

Macchine Per Caffe IKAWA Pro Distributors Brazil.png

BRAZIL | Macchine Per Caffe

  • Telephone: +55 119 8555 8303

KOREA | Kijeong Int'l Co.,Ltd

  • Telephone: +82 2 583 7471

SAUDI ARABIA | Camel Step Roasters

  • Telephone: +966 53 400 7676

In you are interested in distributing IKAWA coffee roasters, please email