+ In which countries will the IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster work?

IKAWA Home Roaster models are designed for all international power supplies.

There will be the option for 220 – 240V roaster (as used in UK, Europe, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and most countries!), 110 – 120V versions (for North America, Central America, Venezuela Taiwan amongst others.

+ What are the main differences between the IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster and the Pro Sample Roaster?

There are many differences between the Home and the Professional IKAWA, here is a basic summary:

The Pro Sample Roaster has been available used by coffee professionals for over a couple of years.

The Pro Roasting System – the Roaster and App allows a greater degree of precision for coffee professionals using the machine as a business tool. This includes 20 temperature profile points, 20 minutes of roasting time, five fan points, the ability to pre-heat the roaster for high-temperature starts, and real-time roast adjustment – so you can amend the roast profile during the roast.

The temperature sensor of the Pro Roaster is located inside the roast chamber, offering very accurate temperature readings required to coffee professionals.

There are also some advanced features on the Pro App (such as ability to mark First Crack, automatic calculation of the Development Time Ratio, Rate of Rise graphs, Roast Log and ability to edit data in the table form rather than graph – more here) which all help coffee professionals use the roaster to meet business needs.

The Home Roaster is only available for pre-order at the moment.

It is aimed at making home coffee roasting more accessible to coffee lovers, and allowing experienced home roasters the opportunity to get more adventurous with their home roasting.

It offers six temperature profile points, two fan points, and twelve minutes’ profile time with immediate bean drop with no pre-heating functioning making for faster at home roasting. The temperature sensor is located below the roasting chamber where it is more protected. The IKAWA Home App will still have the ability to customise roast recipes and share via email, twitter and text message etc, however will not have the same advanced features as the Pro App.

IKAWA will also be marketing green beans with prescribed profiles to use along with these on their IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster, this will allow the roaster to experiment whilst creating great coffee.

+ How much coffee can the IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster roast at any one time?

The Home Roaster can roast 60g of green coffee at one time, which will amount to around 50g of roasted coffee beans. One of the beauties of the product is the accuracy and repeatability – so it will repeat roast at the touch of a button, meaning you can roast larger amounts in minutes.

+ Will the IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster work with other green beans or am I locked in to IKAWA only?

The Home Roaster will be able to be used with any green beans, not limited to the ones IKAWA will supply.

IKAWA will be releasing green beans for sale at the same time as the Home Roaster becomes available. Our green coffee beans will be excellent quality, selected by a panel of experts, and will come with a recommended roast recipe tailored to the particular beans. This allows the less experienced roaster to have a perfect result first time, and be a platform to develop your roasting expertise by as experimenting with the profiles and editing them to create your perfect recipe.

+ Will I be able to use the IKAWA Pro App on the Home Coffee Roaster?

The IKAWA Pro App is not compatible with the Home Roaster.

+ What is the average time for a roast on the IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster?

The IKAWA Home Roaster will have a maximum roast time of 12 minutes, however many of our favourite roast recipes take around 6 minutes + cooling time (approximately 90 seconds). You can experiment to find what works best for you!

+ Roasting coffee at home produces lots of smoke. How does IKAWA solve the smoke problem?

The roaster emits very little smoke when roasting and in our experience does not require external venting.

This is mainly due to the small batch size - and the fact that when using recommended roast recipes you will not burn the coffee beans, so very low amounts of smoke are emitted.


+ How can I order an IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster?

We are starting to ship back orders of the Home Coffee Roaster and you can order them from the Buy page of our website. There is an estimated lead time of 12 weeks from date or order.

They are listed for

  • £1200 for the ‘Roaster Only’ or
  • £1250 for Roaster with 6 packs of 500g green coffee beans.

The coffee will be top quality, selected by a panel of industry experts, and will come with tailored roast recipes.

We use a platform called Celery to take orders where the customer enters payment information via Stripe.

+ Which countries do you ship to or accept payments from?

We can accept orders from any country worldwide and will deliver the roaster using tracked courier service.

Please note:

  • Shipping costs £25 to European Union countries, and is £50 to rest of the world.
  • Import duty and local taxes: We cover VAT for European Union countries, but not for other countries where local taxes and duty will vary and are the buyers responsibility.


Drop us a line to info@ikawacoffee.com and we’ll be happy to help.